I’m So Jackson

Discover the vibrant spirit of Jackson, Mississippi, in “I’m So Jackson” by Warn Wilson Jr.

“I’m So Jackson” captures the essence of the city through a heartfelt story that resonates with children of all ages. This captivating book serves as a reminder that by focusing on the positive, we can inspire change, overcome obstacles, and create a brighter future.

In this heartwarming children’s book, journey to the lively city of Jackson, MS, alongside a native father and his son as they uncover the power of positivity. When Dad decides to take his family on a special trip to his hometown, little Antonne is in for an unforgettable adventure filled with valuable life lessons.

Amidst the media’s portrayal of negativity, this delightful tale showcases the true essence of Jackson, MS. Young Antonne learns about the hidden gems that often go unnoticed in the city. From remarkable landmarks to thriving businesses, young readers will be captivated by the vibrant tapestry of their own community. It teaches them that one spoiled egg doesn’t have to ruin the bunch and encourages them to see the beauty and potential in every situation.

A must-read for all the youth of Jackson, MS, “I’m So Jackson” not only highlights the city’s rich cultural heritage but also instills a sense of pride and belonging in its young readers. As they flip through the pages, they will discover familiar faces, beloved landmarks, and a renewed appreciation for their own community.

“I’m So Jackson” is an empowering and uplifting tale that will leave a lasting impact on young Jacksonians, encouraging them to see the world through a lens of optimism and discover the boundless possibilities that await them in Jackson, Mississippi.

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