Store: Brown Money Card Game

The Brown Money card game reinforces the lessons taught in the book while also providing life advice that could be used later. In the game, each player will roll dice to determine who will have the first play. The player who rolls the highest number will pull cards first to begin the game.

Each round a player will pull a card from the deck. There are 5 different types of cards:

  • Star card (rare but popular careers; wins $4)
  • Cube cards (STEM or fast growing careers; wins $2)
  • No Plan B cards (penalty; loses $2)
  • One income cards (penalty; loses $1)
  • Multiple income cards (awarded for having more than one income; wins $1)

Each play, a player will have to pull a card from the deck that will consist of one of the five types. The type of card that is pulled will determine what that player has to do on their turn. Each play they will either be rewarded money or have to pay depending on the penalty of the card.

Players will win money when they pull Star cards, Cube cards, or Multiple income cards. A Star card consist of professions that are very popular, but rare, such as professional athletes, movie stars, etc. The Cube cards consist of professions that are based in STEM or fast growing careers of the future, such as engineer, doctor, etc. The Multiple income cards award the player with money for having more than one income.

Players will lose money when they pull No Plan B cards or One income cards. Just as the lessons in the book, we discourage kids from not having a backup plan or more than one source of income. Just like in real life, when adults don’t have one of the two it can be vital. So this penalty is designed to teach kids the importance of having both! The winner of the game will to be the first player to acquire $20!

This game is perfect for young students to be exposed to exciting career paths and some basics of adulthood. Guaranteed to be fun and interactive for both students and parents!

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