Brown Money: Financial Literacy Handbook

We know that learning about money isn’t always the most exciting thing, but trust me, it’s important. The skills you learn now will set you up for a lifetime of financial stability and success. Some of the topics in this book will soon be approaching you as teens and it is best to have some basic working knowledge about them before the time comes. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

In the Brown Money: Financial Literacy Handbook for Teens, young adults will learn the basics of financial literacy and money management. They will even learn about topics such as leasing a residence, income tax, and more. It is important that they begin to learn financial terms and topics that will soon be on the horizon for them as they approach adulthood.

This book is a great tool for them to use to get ahead of the curve and build great financial habits now. It also includes over 100 practice problems to help re-enforce the lessons in the book.

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